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Sunday, 10/02/2005

Mood:  a-ok
So, I update this thing every couple months. That's too bad because I usually have a lot on my mind or stuff that I can share with the world...or at least the 2 or 3 people who actually visit my site. Too bad I can't access this from work to do updates. Stupid internet filters stop us from viewing "personal pages". I've been considering a redesign... stay tuned.

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Sunday, 07/10/2005
Where did I go?
Ain't nothing going on but the... job. Working for US Bank at the moment. Hopefully I'll be there for a while. Contract work sucks but it's better than nuthin'.

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Tuesday, 01/25/2005

I'm back. I didn't go anywhere but I'm back. I got a new cell phone. Same number and all but I upgraded my phone and calling plan.

I ended up getting the Sony Ericsson Z500a. So far so good. Seems like a well made phone and it's packed with features.

About a year and a half ago I had hernia repair surgery and now I'm suspecting that I've got another hernia on the same side as the original repair. It's uncomfortable at times but tolerable for now. I'm still unemployed so I can't get it repaired until I have some insurance.

So the job search goes on... and on... and on. Rock on.

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Monday, 11/15/2004
Rock on!
Mood:  down
Once again I'm unemployed. Maybe I should think about a career change.

On a happy note I did pick up my copy of Halo 2 on Nov. 9th and won't be playing anything else for quite a while. Online play is sweet. The campaign isn't so great but worth playing for the storyline. I said it with the original Halo and I'll say it again: If you have an Xbox get Halo 2. If you don't have an Xbox and you are a fan of FPS (first person shooter) games then buy an Xbox ($150 these days) and Halo 2.

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Wednesday, 11/03/2004
Mood:  irritated
Great merciful crap!!! Why is this country so f-in stupid? The 2000 election was a complete crapfest and yet Bush gets re-elected!? Canada is looking sweeter by the day.

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Thursday, 10/07/2004
Relief for my hands
Mood:  a-ok
I've been having issues with my hands hurting while using regular mice and keyboards so before it gets too bad I decided to get one of these:

It's a keyboard and pointing device that should help alleviate the strain on my hands. More info: FingerWorks

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Friday, 09/24/2004
Mood:  celebratory
Woohoo! I get my first paycheck from my new job today and it's about freakin time. I have to go pick it up from the consulting firm that got me the job because they can't do direct deposit until the second check blah blah blah. I don't care that I have to drive out to Maple Grove to get it, I just want the damn thing.

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Thursday, 09/02/2004
Mood:  celebratory
I have found a job! I start on Sept. 7th at Harmon, Inc. in Golden Valley, MN. Finally, I will have a steady income again. Good times.

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Monday, 07/26/2004

Kitten with cone:

and June:

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Saturday, 07/24/2004
New blog, new hairstyle, still no damn job...
I decided to create a new blog. No real reason other than to do something different.

I have a new hairstyle. I used to put a little gel in my hair and put a hat on to push my hair back. So one day I decided to see how I would look if my hair was pushed forward, like a "caesar" cut, and it has stuck with me. I think I actually look a little younger and since my hair grows in all different directions this new style works much better than what I used to do. Easier, quicker, more attractive.

Last February I lost my IT job and I got part-time job at a health club for a little while. The part-time job ended up sucking major ass so I quit that one and have been focusing my efforts on getting another IT job. I keep getting contacted by recruiters and I've had a few interviews here and there but nothing solid yet and it's really pissing me off and discouraging me at the same time. Money sucks and not having it really sucks.

So here is the new blog and maybe if I'm good about it then I'll update it regularly. I certainly have a lot on my mind lately.

On a happy note, here is a kitten:


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Updated: Saturday, 07/24/2004 12:42 AM CDT
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