Great merciful crap...

It was December of 1983, I was in 3rd grade and my brother was in 6th grade, and we walked home from the school bus stop as we always did. Upon entering the house we found our parents sitting in the living room and a very pretty Manx cat calmly sitting on one of the chairs with a red ribbon around her neck. If one cat wasn't enough excitement, out of the kitchen came a black streak cruising through the house. It stopped and there was a small cat, also with a red ribbon around her neck, with the look of exploration and curiosity on her face. Amazingly, our parents had gone to the humane society and purchased these two cats for us even though our grandmother, who lived in the same house, was quite opposed to having animals.

The Manx was a very sweet cat who liked ketchup but would pee in various places throughout the house so we ended up sending her to a farm. No idea what happened to her.

The people that owned the little black streak before she went to the humane society had named her "Ashtray". What kind of a name is that for anything other than an ashtray? I considered the name "Motor" for a while as she had quite the loud purr in her youth but ultimately she became simply "Kitty". Kitty tormented my grandmother by always sleeping in her lap and following her around the house. My grandma claimed she hated the animal but would secretly give her treats and then wonder why the cat wouldn't leave her alone. The cat would return the favor by catching and killing small animals, getting them into the house and occasionally leaving them in my grandma's shower. Otherwise, she would leave them at the back door as an offering to us to show how thankful she was... at least I assume that's why she did that.

Kitty went to the vet about half a dozen times in her life. Most of those visits occurring in recent years due to the discovery that she was in renal failure after being brought in for an upper respiratory infection. She had to eat special low-protein food for the last 3 years. In recent months her vision had deteriorated, due to high blood pressure, and she would wander around until she found whatever she needed: food, the couch with the heating pad, my dad's lap. As far as I could tell, she was mostly deaf and her hind legs were very weak. Her coat had lost all of it's shine and she weighed less than 5 lbs.

On December 1st, 2003, I brought my oldest friend to the Animal Emergency Clinic in St. Paul for her final visit. I knew she was in pain due to her kidneys and her life consisted of wandering the house bumping into objects and walls until she found her food and then wandering and bumping her way back to her resting place on the couch in the back family room of my parent's house. I didn't want to see her go but I didn't want her to suffer anymore.

At approximately 11:15pm, as I held her close and as the doctor was giving the injection, Kitty very gently laid her head on my arm and it was done. The doctor listened briefly to her heart and let me know when it stopped.

I brought her into another room in the clinic so we could do a clay paw impression that you bring home to bake so it will harden. I had trouble leaving the clinic as I felt as though I was leaving her behind. I felt and still feel like I'm missing a piece. Many people will think "it's just a cat, get over it" but none of my animals are "just animals". They are like my children and treat them as family members. My Kitty was almost as old as I am (only 7 years difference) and she will always be my favorite.

Farewell, Kitty. No more pain.


It's been 4 years since I quit and I'm starting up Tae Kwon Do classes again. I'll still be a black belt and I might get to teach a little which I'm looking forward to. Of course I'm not going back to my old school. I joined a club that is a part of Bally's health clubs. They just started this program recently so it's almost all beginners under one 4th degree native Korean instructor. Hopefully I can workout with some classes and get back into shape then get back into the black belt regimen. I'd love to get my 2nd degree in the near future.

I got new glasses. Nice oval shaped Jeep brand frames. I think they look quite nice. A little more sophisticated than the rectangular frames I had. I don't have a good picture at the moment so that'll have to wait.

Willy finally got a Best In Specialty Show win in Toronto last weekend. He beat 40+ other pugs. It was worth the 14 hour drive.

I've been doing more work outside of my "real" job. Consultation and computer repair type stuff. I'm much happier when I'm doing that work than when I'm at my full-time job. If I get enough work and can match my full-time income then I'll quit and be self-employed. Working for someone else and lining the executive pockets sucks big time.

I moved my blog to my main page in hopes that it'll make me want to update more often. We'll see how that goes.

OK, so it's been a while. I'm sort of recovered from my hernia surgery. The incision is rather sensitive and I try to be careful about how much I lift so as not to bust my gut open.

*Interjection--->Working for a living sucks ass.<---Interjection*

My iBook that I bought in Jan. is now on it's third logic board and a new power adapter, all under warranty of course. Not sure what the deal is with the logic boards but I understand the wear and tear on the power adapter. It just stopped charging the battery and since it was in good condition (aka unabused) then they replaced it for free. Otherwise it would have cost me $80 to replace it. I can do without the hardware problems but I wouldn't trade my iBook for any Wintel machine.

The Jeep has been problematic lately. Not starting, "check engine" light coming on randomly, general misbehaving. Got a new starter in it so it's starting. Check engine light isn't on... for now.

If you have a decent Wintel machine (1GHz or faster processor, at least a 32 MB video card, and plenty of hard drive space) I highly recommend you pick up the PC version of Halo (previously only available on the Xbox) and if you have a decent Mac then you have to wait 'til Dec. to get it but you should definitely get it.

If you're into collectible toys/action figures then you should check out the Halo figures from Joyride Studios ( The first series is difficult to find at the moment but the second series is coming in November. But seeing as most people I know aren't as interested in Halo as I am this may all be a waste of typing. Anyway, check out Joyride because they make quality collectibles.

So there's a bit of an update and maybe I'll keep updating. I get caught up in hating my job and the other fun stuff like that. Hope all is well with you where ever you are and who ever you are. Later y'all (all 2 of you who read this).

Ok, so the first doctor said I have a direct hernia. Then the surgeon said it's most likely an indirect hernia and they won't really know until they open me up and start poking around.

I go in for surgery tomorrow, 8-19-03, and will be at home for about a week. I plan for plenty of pain, sleep, and not being able to lift a damn thing for many weeks.

More info here...

First Schamberg's disease...

then Benign Positional Vertigo...

and now not only do I have a hernia but I've got the less common direct hernia...

WTF is going on with me?

Power Mac G5

My birthday party went very well. Food, folks, and fun... just like McDonald's. Onto my 28th year of life. Same ol' shit.

Hey, it's the 17th now...

Here she comes...

I would think that rabbits would want to make a nest in a nice wooded area with a little privacy. We happen to have a rabbit nest pretty much in the middle of our back yard. I can't mow the lawn and every time the dogs go out I put something around the nest so the mutts can't get at it. A little frustrating.

Cardioversion is a brief procedure where an electrical shock is delivered to the heart to convert an abnormal heart rhythm back to a normal rhythm. Most elective or "non-emergency" cardioversions are performed to treat atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter, benign heart rhythm disturbances originating in the upper chambers (atria) of the heart. Cardioversion is used in emergency situations to correct a rapid abnormal rhythm associated with faintness, low blood pressure, chest pain, difficulty breathing, or loss of consciousness. -From NASPE

My mom had this procedure done Wednesday, 6/4/03, and will hopefully be home on Thursday. She felt better right away and they want to make sure the new meds she is on will co-operate.

More to come...

Thursday, May 22nd, we flew to Denver, CO, rented a car, drove to Casper, WY, stayed for 2 days, drove to Laramie, WY, stayed for 2 days, drove to Cheyenne, WY, stayed 1 night, drove back to Denver on Tuesday, May 27th, and flew home that night. Just for shits and giggles, you ask? No, for 2 dog shows and for a little vacation. The dog shows were unimpressive (Willy had a bad luck weekend and got sick from something) but the weather was awesome and the scenery was breathtaking (not to mention the elevation was a bit breathtaking too). All in all, it was a good get away and I had fun and met some very nice people at the shows.

BTW, don't ever stay at the Holiday Inn in Laramie, WY, unless you really have to. It's kind of a dump and since we had a dog they treated us like we were in military school or something with a room inspection and a bunch of papers to sign about having the dog in the room. No other hotel has done that kind of thing when we bring the dog with. So avoid that Holiday Inn if you can.

Oh yeah, I forgot to post this a lot sooner:

Red Vs. Blue

These guys are hil-freakin-larious and you should go watch their videos.

Why can't someone just hand me the key to a very large trailer full of millions of dollars and end all of this horse hockey that is called work?

Home Star Runner

I apologize in advance if you are from Iowa but damnit that state is incredibly boring and lame!

Well, that review sucked. They have a system that they use to rate your skills and everything from 1 to 5, 5 being the worst. It was broken down into sections, each with a rating. I had some 2s (above normal), some 3s (adequate), and some 4s (needs improvement). I didn't think I was doing all that bad until this review. Then they give you an overall rating at the end. Mine was... 4.

Bullshit, I say.

They can kiss my shiny white butt. Not only am I insulted by the pay that I receive but then I get this crappy review and I'll be lucky if I get a raise of any kind. It doesn't motivate me to come to work all that much. So the hunt begins again. At least this time I have a job while I look for another.


So, I'm supposed to get a review at work one of these days. And from what I can tell from my coworkers I probably have a "cost of living" type of thing coming if even that. It all depends on how well the company is doing, yada yada, blah blah. If they give me like a 25 cent raise or something then they can kiss my ass goodbye. We'll see how it goes... (whenever they get around to it, ya know)

I now have an iBook which I have named "MiBook": 800 MHz G3, 14.1" screen, 30 GB hard drive, 640 MB RAM, CD-RW/DVD combo drive, OS X "Jaguar". So very sweet and so very portable.

I just got the Nikon Coolpix 2000 digital camera and it rocks. Read a review here: Steve's Digicams and then I would suggest buying one from these folks: Digital Foto Club. Now I can get some better pictures for my web site. Rock on!

If you are ever going to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, then you need to check out the Place Louis Riel All-Suites Hotel in downtown. And then head two blocks south of that hotel to the restaraunt on the corner called Pasta La Vista. Awesome hotel and awesome food. Go there.

Woohoo! I'm an Xbox Live! beta tester... which means I get to spend even more time playing games online. Xbox Live! is Microsoft's online gaming service for the their gaming console, the Xbox. You need to have a high speed internet connection (DSL, cable, etc.) in order to use it. What I find really cool about it is that you get a headset that plugs into the controller and you can talk to anyone that you play with. If someone gets annoying you have the option to mute them and you can use voice masking to change the sound of your voice. I'm very impressed so far even with the limited games that are available. Just the fact that I can talk to people across the country and in Canada is pretty cool.

It's good to be a geek.

Halo 2 is coming...

been a while. not much to report. too $#@^%! hot in MN. heat index hit 105 or something like that today.

send me money for this. thank you in advance.

song of the day: who needs sleep? by barenaked ladies

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday dear me,
Happy Birthday to me.

The big 2-6. Whupdee-do.

I was born in 1976, the bicentennial, on June 14th, Flag Day. You'd think I would be more patriotic...

Open Heart Surgery